Pixel gun apocalypse 7

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Pixel Gun Apocalypse is back again. Fights of living and dead, of humans and zombies will never end. Virus infection continues to spread further and further. People are scared, paniced and are doing anything to survive. Enjoy the seventh part of the mad world of Minecraft, where nothing seems to be as you think. Choose your side and fight for what you believe in, whether it is the life or destruction of humanity. Create a room for your friends. Choose one of four maps, decide which weapons will be allowed. A war for survival begins. Enjoy the sophisticated graphics and details of Minecraft world. Bring your team to the victory. Have fun.

*wasd* = move
*mouse* = shoot
*1*...*6* = weapons
*tab* = menu
*r* = reload
*c* = crouch
*shift* = run
*ctrl* = prone
*space* = jump
*t* = chat
*enter* = send message
*p* = fullscreen


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