Heavy Truck Driver

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Heavy Truck Driver is a game aboutdriving the legendary American truck. Feel the power of the tractor and go from a beginner to a true professional. The game has a tuning system. You can decorate your truck to your liking. For the money you have earned for completing levels, you can buy and install various parts on your truck. You can test your strengths in five game modes: Parking, Checkpoints, Truck Racing, Drifting.

- Realistic truck physics
- 6 different trailers from a conventional trailer to a super-heavy three-axle trailer that can carry super-heavy loads
- Ability to decorate your truck (tuning system)
- 150 levels
- 5 game modes
- Truck Racing
- Truck Drifting

*WASD* = drive the truck
*Space bar* = handbrake
*P*= pause
*left mouse button* = manually change view
*C* = change camera view


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