Wendigo:The Evil That Devours

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Small Abandoned Mining Town. You came to investigate people disappearing.
There are rumors that a strange and flash hungry creature, living here.

Wendigos were once human, but after being forced to eat human flesh to survive, they become supernatural monsters that retain little of the human features they once possessed. After their transformation, they begin to crave human flesh and feed solely on it.

*** Features ***

- Five weapons: Torch, BrassKnuckles, Pistol, Shotgun and RPK.
- Smooth Controls
- High quality 3D environment graphics
- Gameplay from Poison Games that you love
- Explore The Abandoned Mining Town

Good Luck!

*wasd* = move
*mouse* = shoot
*mouse wheel* = weapons
*esc* = menu
*tab* = menu
*r* = reload
*shift* = run
*f* = pick up item/interact
*g* = grenades
*v* = melee
*x* = prone
*ctrl* = crouch
*space* = jump


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