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"Choose your car, Take the wheel and bang on the street!! be the reckless,Be the ruthless.There is no rule,No law,Only race!.but remember Always check your car,Check your sit belts and never try this in your real life.Be the top racer and Be Unbounded!
See you in the finish lines"

The game is a multiplayer open world racer set in our own frictional version of Los Angeles , where you can drive , Create Race Events, Cruise with Friends , Challenge Rivals and earn points to upgrade your car!

Build your car and earn Renowns to unlock Legendary Vehicles
To give it a classy vibe and make the world more viable! Every car is made to have a meaning and a history ; And we are trying to maintain that.

*W* = Accelerate
*S* = Reverse/Brake
*A* = Steer Left
*D* = Steer Right
*space* = Handbrake
*F* = Use Nitro
*Z* = Show Stats/Player Names
*Tab* = Open Menu
*I* = Air Suspension/Engine On/Off
*L* = Headlights On/Off
*K* = Highlight
*C* = Camera View Change


Driving Desktop