Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

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Squad Goals is fun and simple 3D soccer game that can quickly turn into a crazy ball brawl! No cards, fouls, or offsides! Slide, tackle, dribble, kick, shoot, and score – all with just one finger! Whoever scores first wins the match! Rise through the ranks to dominate the game! Key game features: • One-finger on-screen joystick controls, with support for mouse and keyboard • Upgrade character traits to unlock full potential • Level up to rise through the ranks • Shop for cosmetics to customize your character, ball, and stadium • Complete daily quests to earn more coins • Daily and hourly rewards • Play in two modes: ARENA or TEAM vs TEAM

bull Touch Mouse TAP CLICK and DRAG to RUN RELEASE to SLIDE SHOOT or PASS bull Keyboard Press arrow keys or WASD to RUN Release arrow keys or press SPACE to SLIDE SHOOT or PASS