Soldiers 4 - Strike Back

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Soldiers 4 - Strike Back is a brilliant first person shooter game and the fourth instalment of the Soldiers series . You have been called up once again to fight and prove your worth as a soldier, so take up arms and head out onto the battlefield. Sophisticated graphics and lots of fun is just the beginning. Call your friends and play together. Create a room and choose every detail of the game. You have a choice of several maps. Fight in a deserted military area or in the abandoned swimming pool. The maps are large and spacious, you never know where the enemy comes from. Have fun.

*1**4* = guns
*esc* = menu
*tab* = score
*space* = jump
*shift* = run
*c* = crouch
*r* = reload
*g* = grenade
*v* = knife
*l* = map
*m* = change class
*t* *y* = chat
*enter* = send message


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