Offroader V6

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Hey, is that the new Offroader game? Yes it is! Offroader V6 is here and it's time to burn some rubber. Take a spin in new cars such as the Porsche, Lamborghini or maybe you prefer a luxurious McLaren! Or you could show how it's done in one of the cool drift cars.
Anyway, whatever car you choose it is sure going to be a lot of fun! Especially when you have access to new tracks. Did I forget to tell you this? This Offroader V6 is an experience like no other with even a large Stunt Arena to fulfill your adrenaline needs. Now get out there and take the keys of your favourite car to have the experience of a lifetime!

*WASD* / *arrows* = Drive a car
*Space* = Handbrake
*R* = Repair car
*Enter* = Reset car if it rolls over
*C* = Change camera view
*T* = Toggle Slowmotion
*P* = Freeze car movement
*Y* = Show car statistics


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