Nam - Bare Feet Iron Will

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More than one generation after the war in Vietnam ended, many Americans and Vietnamese are still obsessed with its memory. In the war, there is never a winner - and in Vietnam is no exception. "Bare feet, iron will" is the story of conspiracy, patience, ingenuity, dedication and most importantly, about soldiers who have no choice but to win. Come back to the Vietnam War as a soldier, fight for your own ideals, invite your friends to join in to experience the hardship and suffering from war ... But above all, it is a video games! Just fun!

*1**4* = guns
*esc* = menu
*tab* = score
*space* = jump
*shift* = run
*c* = crouch
*r* = reload
*g* = grenade
*v* = knife
*l* = map
*m* = change class
*t* *y* = chat
*enter* = send message


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