Magic Arena Multiplayer

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Magic Arena Multiplayer is an intense and awesome 3D fighting game. In this epic title, you are transported to a land of fantasy full of vicious monsters, wizards and vampires! You can take part in brutal combat as either a wizard or a vampire, and you can either fight against a friend in the awesome PVP mode, or against waves of monsters in the single player version.

You have a variety of attacks and magic spells at your disposal and you must use them to try and destroy your opponents. Use your magic wisely as you only have a certain amount of mana that replenishes automatically. As you progress you level up and can unlock new abilities and spells. Can you master your magic?

*WASD* - move
*e* - next spell
*q* - previous spell
*left mouse* - cast spell
*right mouse* - aim spell
*space* - jump


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