Mad City Prison Escape

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Waiting for you is an action-packed series of missions filled with adventures and stunning tasks that will force you to pre-tension yourself, especially in moments without tower-shooting with guards. When escaping, do not forget to replenish your arms reserves, otherwise you will not be able to overcome all the guards.
You do not have a clear escape plan, you act according to your intuition and step by step you strive to overcome all the way to freedom in order to prove your innocence in prison with No. 1 reputation in the prison world of escape!
Fight other criminal gangsters and local police to get recognition in this high-security prison.

*12*= switch weapon
*mouse*= look, shoot, aim, switch weapon
*space*= jump
*E*=sit or exit car
*WASD*= move or drive
*P*= pause
*shift*= rear mirror
*V*= switch car camera


Action Desktop