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Game features:
- 3D open world shooter with absolute freedom of action. Absolutely everything is under your control
- Realistic HD graphics and high-quality 3D models. You will be delighted!
- Awesome dramatic action missions that you will never forget
- Machines for every taste! Sports cars, jeeps, old classics - choose whatever you want. Cars can be stolen, becoming the best car thief or buy in a shop
- Perform side quests in street racing and become the best race car driver on the island!
- Arm yourself to the teeth and become a professional mercenary. Perform armed contracts and robberies, divide the money between the gang members, or assign everything to yourself! You decide the player!

*12*= switch weapon
*mouse*= look, shoot, aim, switch weapon
*space*= jump
*E*=sit or exit car
*WASD*= move or drive
*P*= pause
*shift*= rear mirror
*V*= switch car camera
*U*= open parachute


Action Desktop