Free Rally 2

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It is a sequel of the game "Free Rally".
A multiplayer game with cars, motos and helicopters on the nice city location.
You can choose from nine different vehicles including a buggy, Sedan, moto sport, moto police and helicopter. Helicopter, buggy and Sofy are equipment by rockets and seeking rockets (without destroying).
There is a police function "arest" on the "moto police". You can stop any car if you catch him.
Also You can start race at the start pole.

*esc* = unlock mouse cursor
*arrows* = drive
*v* = missile rockets
*c* = change camera
*r* = horn
*shift* = nitro
*e* = police mode
*f* = arrest car
*g* = get up
*i* = ignition
*q**e* = side lights

*w* = gain altitude
*s* = reduce altitude
*up**down* = move forward
*left**right* = turning
*l* = start engine
*f* = missile
*v* = seeking rocket
*x* = bomb


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