Fighter Aircraft Pilot

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Are you ready to become the ultimate jet fighter pilot?
With this unique game you will get the chance for the first time to try the most popular jets in the world! some are from WW2 and some from the most advanced jets ever created!
You can try the free mode or the missions mode! complete the campaign and get into the leaderboards to compete among the best players!

*H* = Hide/Show Instructions

*E* = Start Your Engine
*1* = Then Throttle: Hold Number
*X* = Then Remove Park Brake
*Down Arrow* = After good speed start flying
*mouse0* = Fire
*mouse2* = Switch Weapon
*L* = Drop bombs
*V* = Lights
*<* *>* = Rudder
*5* = Dump Fuel
*6* = Refill
*I* = After burner
*P* = Revers Burner
*Space* = Brake Lever


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