Dinogen Online

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Dinogen Online is a fast-paced 2D multiplayer top-down shooter with plenty of weapons, game modes, and maps. Play as a human or dinosaur in objective-based game modes. Unlock new weapons, dinosaurs, equipment, items, and more by earning XP in game!

Play as a human or dinosaur in objective-based game modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or Destruction.

Play one of the many survival modes to engage in never-ending waves of enemies ranging from militia units, dinosaurs, helicopters, and more.

Create your own maps and missions with the included Scenario Editor. The editor is a powerful tool that allows you to make simple changes to existing maps or complex brand new missions using the integrated trigger system. All scenarios created with the editor are immediately accessible in multiplayer, allowing you to play your creations with friends online.

*WASD* Movement
*Shift* Sprint
*Crouch* Control
*E* Interact
*R* Reload Weapon
*Space* Use Melee
*G* Throw Grenade
*F* Use Equipment
*T* Use Weapon Accessory / Cycle Vehicle Weapon
*Z* Use Support Item
*X* Select Next Support Item
*Q* Switch Weapon
*1* Inventory 1
*2* Inventory 2
*3* Inventory 3
*C* Open Commands Menu
*Tab* View Scoreboard
*Enter* Open In-Game Chat


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