Car Crash Party (LITE)

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Welcome to the Car Crash Party multiplayer arena!
This is the free edition of this new car-crash game with crazy rules
where you can challenge others players in furious matches online.

The LITE edition contains:

2 arenas;
12 differents crashable cars;
4 types of power-up:
-pizzas & cakes make you heavier and stronger but also slower (choose your strategy) ;
-sand glasses give you extra time;
-dynamites trigger explosions 15 seconds after contact;
single player mode to have fun versus the IA;
multiplayer mode for 8 players;
automatic bots;
slowmotion mode;
optimized for old hardware.

This already allows you to have a lot of fun.
I hope you enjoy it, like I do, so that in the future I could work much more on this project and make a full-content-edition

Soundtrack credits:
HAPPY by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2020 Licensed under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Sampling Plus license. Ft: Haskel, Martijn de Boer, Apoxode, Stefan Kartenberg, Subhashish, boboshin

Zona Norte by J.Lang (c) copyright 2019 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Reiswerk

*arrows* = directions
*space* = accelerate
*left CTRL* = brake
*left SHIFT* = slow motion ON/OFF
*C* = change camera view


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