Assault Bots

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From the original creator of Bullet Force and Forward Assault comes Bot Machines. You play as a bot against other players in real-time multiplayer, capturing conquest points and dominating the other team. The game includes a variety of weapons, including an RPG, a machine gun, a shotgun, a sniper, and more. You can also customize your bot to change the wheels or add add-ons to increase its effectiveness in battle.

If you don't want to play online, you can play against the computer to practice your skills.

*WASD* - Move
*mouse* - Aim, Fire, Zoom
*shift* - Turbo
*space* - Hand brake
*e* - Jump
*t* - Chat
*tab* - View scoreboard
*x*,*c* - Use addon (front, back)
Esc - Pause


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